Underground lines?

I just arrived home from uni. I`m exhausted!! Today was an amazing day. My team SYDER and I did the first idea presentation for the Design Thinking for Start-ups class. During the last weeks, Alice teaches us how to create products to solve people problems. She taught us how to find these issues and think like the people that are facing them.

On Tuesday, we have our first group meeting outside the class. Sheng-Yi, Vivien, Kaja and I went to Kaja`s flat during the morning and started the meeting. The first thing we did was to brainstorm the ideas we already had. During the previous two weeks, we wrote down every single problem we found out in our daily life. After 4 hours of debate, we decided that the problem we should focus was crowded underground platforms. We realized that on peek ours, when you get off the train, it`s really hard to quickly find the way to the exit or even to make connections with other lines. These platforms are so crowded that, for the first 10 seconds you can`t see any sign to know which way you should go.

screen shot 2019-01-06 at 01.31.27

To solve these issue, we came up with the idea of painting lines on the underground platform floor, so when you get off the train you can instantly follow these lines to your destiny. Why on the floor? We thought that everybody watches the floor while getting down the train to make sure not to stumble. The color of the lines accords to the train lines or exits. For example, if you need to make a connection to the Piccadilly line, you must follow the blue line on the floor.

screen shot 2019-01-06 at 01.31.51

We did sketches, draws, we practice the speech, and after 8 hours of meeting, we went back home. During the way home I stayed 20 minutes at Covent Garden’s platform making sure that every train stopped on the same spot. And fortunately, every single train stopped on the same place, so the lines on the floor would always be able to be seen by the travelers as soon as they get off.


Friday arrived. I woke up a little bit nervous. It was my first presentation in English! We met with the team 1 hour before the class to ultimate details. We were ready. After some groups, it was our turn to present. We started speaking about the problem and, with the help of some classmates, we did a representation about the situation. Whit real underground sounds, Kaja and I acting as travelers, the classmates being other travelers, and Sheg-Yi and Vivien acting as rude people, we recreate the “crowded station”. The acting was funny and the class was relaxed and ready to listen to our idea. While we were explaining the solution, I could saw the approval expression of the classmates and the seat with their heads. Janja, which was her first class teaching us, was also happy with the idea.

But… there is always a “but”. Having a constructing conversation with Janja and the rest of the class. We all realised that it was very difficult to make profits of this idea, given that it is not a product that we can build and sell. Even we all agreed that the idea was amazing, we also agreed that it would be very difficult to negotiate with TFL (Transport For London) to include our idea. So, for next week we should think of a new product. But I know SYDER team can make it!!

At the end of the day, I believe that this experience was enriching. Even we couldn`t make our idea real, we grew up as a team, we had a new presenting experience altogether. And for next week we will be more than ready to success!!

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