Time to re-think.

After last Friday experience, it was time to start all the way over and came up with new ideas. We had a team meeting at my place on Wednesday. We started speaking about last class presentation, after that, we did a new brainstorming saying all the problems that we or our friends and family have. After some pizzas and beers, we choose three products to create.

screen shot 2019-01-06 at 01.32.05

The first one was a guitar pick keychain. Thanks to Vivian`s music bandmates, we knew that losing the pick for guitar players was a big headache. And having them on the guitar cover or any other place, it would be easy to lose them. Keys are a thing that all of us always have with us, that’s why we choose to make it as a keychain.

The second one was a portable ashtray. In London, both trash baskets and ashtrays are hard to find. These make people throes their cigarette filters making a dirty and more contaminated city. Also, if a police officer sees you doing this, they will fine you. This portable ashtray was compact so you can carry it on your pocket or bag.

And the third one was a protection shirt for contemporary dancers. Kaja is a contemporary dancer, and every time she practices, her shoulders, and lower back area were hurt. This made her stop training every day because she needed time to heal the wounds. It was impossible to practice with such pain.

screen shot 2019-01-06 at 01.32.30

We couldn’t decide which idea was better. That’s why we let the class decide. Instead of presenting one idea, we presented the three of them and wait to see the reaction of Janja and our classmates. During the presentation, we were confident, we had three ideas so it was hard not to find the correct one. We started speaking about the pick keychain and most of them liked it. After that, we explained the portable ashtray. Our classmates were excited about the idea because even if they don’t, they know someone who smokes and would need this product. But, after some discussion, we realized that selling a product that is made for smokers (which is a habit that everybody tries to reduce) wouldn`t be well seen. In the end, we present the contemporary dancers’ protection shirt. They loved it! Even some of the classmates wanted to have one ASAP.

After the presentation, we had two ideas that had survived: the pick keychain and the protection shirt for contemporary dancers. Which one should team SYDER choose? You will find out on my next blog post!!

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