Which one should we choose?

Last post we ended deciding between the pick keychain and the protective shirt for contemporary dancers. After a SYDER meeting, we decided to start developing the…(drums sound)…

Protective shirt!!!

This week we started working on it. First of all, we found which was our specific customer. We decided to focus the product only on contemporary dancers, even other types of dances like hip-hop have similar injuries. After this decision, Kaja started speaking in deep with her friends who are contemporary dancers. All of them were extremely excited about our idea, and they couldn’t wait for us to launch the product. It was a positive beginning.

screen shot 2019-01-06 at 01.33.08

It was time to start building the entire product. We started deciding the name of the brand. “Safe and dance”? “Baila”? “Danza”? We liked the last one. DANZA. What does it mean? Danza is the Spanish translation of the word dancing. We asked some people and they like how the brand sounds.

We defined the costumers, the name of the brands, now we needed to start building the prototype. So, we began making sketches according to the areas that contemporary dancers frequently hurt. After some research, we realized that the shoulders, shoulder blades and the spine are the areas that they mostly get hurt.

screen shot 2018-11-30 at 14.01.56screen shot 2018-11-30 at 13.58.46

The next step was to prepare all this information for the Dragons’ Den. Which is an event that we will have next week during the class where judges from different areas will hear our product ideas and ask us any question they have. We have to convince them that our idea would succeed. For this reason, we have to practice a lot and leave the judges speechless. We mustn’t leave any question without an answer. We have too much work to do….

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