First Dragons’ Den

Having already chosen DANZZA, we began to analyze in deep the problem we wanted to solve. Also, on Friday, December 7, we had our first Dragon ‘Den: an opportunity for all teams in the class to pitch our idea in 5 minutes in front of a panel of experienced entrepreneurs. In order to be as prepared as possible, we had to hold a group meeting in which we discuss various issues related to our new project.

We started the meeting by taking some pictures of Kaja (a team member who is a contemporary dancer) doing some advanced dance moves to show the judges the critical moments of this discipline.


After this, we started designing our first prototype. We discussed for hours on how to create it according to the type of fabric, padding material, and which are the most critical areas where dancers get hurt. Finally, we designed our first sketch of the product:


The next step was to decide which materials we were going to use to produce the top. These materials should be comfortable, flexible, light, and good-quality in order to provide dancers the protection and freedom they require while performing. Due to the lack of time, we were only able to find one protection material for the padding areas, which was a regular foam. In terms of the fabric, Vivien offered to bring a breathable top that she manufactured on her fashion designer undergraduate. We decided to use it to show the fabric we will use in future productions.


Two days later, the Dragons’ Den arrived. It was our first presentation of this project. We felt nervous and excited at the same time. During the presentation, we explained the problem that we aimed to solve for the dancers. We showed pictures of the advance- movements, the breathable fabric and the protective foam, the product’s sketches, and some injuries pictures that dance students sent us to prove that the problem we intend to solve was a regular problematic for most contemporary dancers.


After the five-minute presentation, the judges asked many questions, mostly about how we pretend to manufacture a product that lasts in time according to the necessities of our customers. Finally, they provided us with many useful pieces of advice to improve our product and strategies in the future. Now, it’s time to work hard on our weakest point for our next pitch.


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