Our First Prototype And Logo

After the feedback we received from the judges at the Dragons’ Den, we decided to focus on how to build our first top prototype. We started by doing some research on which materials were more appropriate for our product. I went to an area in West London called Hammersmith And Fulham, where I was able to find countless textiles stores. Here, I entered every single store and explained to the employees what we were trying to create so they could recommend me the most suitable material to use. I took numerous samples of fabrics and foams.


The next day we had a group meeting to test all the materials and decide which ones we will buy to build the prototype. After some trials, we decided to produce the top with a dark blue breathable fabric and 1-inch foam for the protective areas. But, we realized that we didn’t have a lot of time to finish it since we need it a few days later for the Kingston Business School Trade Fair. For this reason, we ask a friend of Kaja who owns a sewing machine to manufacture the t-shirt and sew the foam to it. Two days later, our first prototype was ready!!


We also designed a logo for DANZA. We believe that a logo that represents the values of the company is essential for our communication with the customers. Sheng-Yi designed on his smartphone some logos combining the name of the product and dancing figures. These were our first sketches:


Pretty good, right? Which one do you like the most? During the next meeting, we will decide which logo we are going to use from now on. Also, we will prepare our selves for the Bright Ideas competition and Kingston Business School trade fair which is in two weeks! We have too much work to do!


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